Common Questions

Please get in touch if I can help answer any questions.

What insurances do you work with?
I am currently credentialed with the following:

• Sentara Health Plans
• Optima
• Aetna
• Triwest (VA Community Care Program)
• All Virginia Medicaid plans except Cigna and Aetna

How do I know what my insurance will and will not cover?
Please contact your insurance to discuss co-pay, deductibles, and if they have mental health/behavioral health coverage. If I am the right fit for you, I will also be double checking with your insurance company prior to your intake session as nobody likes surprises when it comes to bills. I will go over your coverage with you at the intake session in order to decide how to proceed moving forward in the event you have a deductible that needs to be met. I will also discuss co-pays and when they are collected.
I do not have insurance, what is your self-pay rate?

Initial Intake Appointment:
$225 (90 minutes)
$200 (60 minutes)

Individual Counseling:
$175 (50 minutes)
If additional time is needed, it will be an additional $50 per 30 minutes if you are self-pay.

Do you offer a sliding scale for those without insurance?
I do not. I do offer a discount for Active Duty Military members, veterans and military family members, first responders, and nurses who wish to not use their insurance.
What if I do not have insurance or am not enrolled in the companies you are credentialed with?
The first option would be to become a self-pay client. Also, talk to your insurance company in regards to if you are able to submit Superbills for reimbursement (some will not allow this). This can be something we explore further during your consultation or at your intake session as I want to make sure that you are getting the therapy you deserve without breaking the bank.
What can I expect during the first session?

The first session is more so like a meet and greet. I will ask appropriate questions to get a better understanding of what brought you to therapy, what goals you are hoping to achieve through therapy, what has and has not worked in the past in regards to your mental health, as well as other important questions that will help give me a better understanding of your current needs.

You will also have plenty of time to ask me questions and begin to see what my style of counseling is as well as the type of environment I like to create for my clients. I always describe the intake session as me getting still shots of your life, as a picture can only capture one moment in time and not an entire life.

By the end of the session, if you feel like I would be the right fit for you, then we will discuss moving forward and all that this will entail.

How will I know if you are the "right" therapist for me?

I am 100% aware that I may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I am okay with that as therapy is not about me, but it is about you, the client.

I offer a free 20 minute consultation where you can ask me different questions as well as discuss what is bringing you to therapy. If you wish to proceed, we will have our intake session where we will start to get to know each other.

If at any point, I do not seem like the right fit for your needs, please do not hesitate to let me know. It is important to the counseling relationship that you feel safe and comfortable with your therapist. If I am not the right clinician for you, I will provide you with a referral list of other possible clinicians that may be a better fit as well as help get you connected to a different clinician.

At the end of the day, I want you to remember that this is your journey and your needs are the only thing that matters.

What if I do not want to talk about something?

I will never pressure any client to talk about something they are not ready to discuss. Therapy can be scary at first, this I personally know.

Remember, these sessions are about you and what makes you comfortable. If there is something that is difficult for you to discuss, I will be right by your side to help you process anything and everything. I do not view therapy as a sprint, but more so a marathon.

As we build our counseling relationship, the more comfortable I hope you will become to discuss the difficult stuff. Until then, we will discuss whatever you are going through or whatever you bring to session. At the end of the day, I am here for you and I will follow the pace you are needing at any time.

I am afraid to open up fully as I worry you might think I am weird, crazy, too sensitive, dramatic, or will tell people about what I say.

Feeling afraid to start therapy or to become vulnerable in front of a stranger is very common.

In regards to confidentiality, unless you or someone else is in danger, your story and journey stays 100% between you and me. I will discuss the realms of confidentiality more with you during your consultation as well as your intake session. In regards to your worry of how I will view you, the answer is simple, I will view you as your unique self without judgment.

Again, the therapy environment that I create is a safe space for all of my clients. Emotions are welcome regardless of how big or how small they are. Whatever you are feeling is your right to feel. I will be there to support you and you will never be judged by me.

Do you offer in person sessions?
At this time, my practice is 100% virtual, therefore there are no face-to-face sessions available.
What is your cancellation policy?
To cancel a scheduled session, a minimum of 24 hours prior to your session is required. There will be a fee for those who cancel less than 24 hours unless a situation arises that deems otherwise. I can explain this more to you at your intake session.